Karting sport is an motorsport variant. In small four-wheeled single-person cars, also called karts, the participants compete against each other.

Due to the lack of a differential, the rigid rear axle and the low centre of gravity the karts have a unique road holding.
Karting contests
The races are held on special circuits. First of all in Belgium at Circuit Zolder and Spa Francorchamps. In the Netherlands at Lelystad.

Go-karting is very accessible because you don't need a driving licence and there are plenty of indoor and outdoor tracks. Therefore one can drive a kart from a very young age.
The same safety requirements apply as in car racing. Therefore, high demands are made on the karting clothing, the karting shoes, the gloves, and also the fireproof undergarments. The helmets of leading suppliers such as Arai and Sparcooffer a good protection of the head.
Personalization karting
We also provide an extensive personalization service for optimal recognition of you and your team.

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