Motorsport also known as motorsport

The first races took place in France between Paris and Bordeaux. Developments followed each other at a rapid pace. As a result, motor racing and motorsports have become much safer over time.

Autosport can be subdivided into:

  • Formula 1, the grands prix
  • Indycar series
  • Rallysport
  • Touring cars
  • Endurance
  • Truckracing

Motorsport and safety

Motorsport has become safer over the years as a result of the innovative efforts of manufacturers such as:

Alpinestars, Adidas, Sparco, Arai, P1 Racewear, Tillet, Schroth Hans, Replay, Peltor, Racecom, Unipro, Foliatec, CRG Racing Kart etc.

Moreover, each of these suppliers has its own speciality. Because of this we are able to offer you a total assortment for the professional sports driver:

Racing clothing, helmets, communications, safety, pit and paddock, seats, cameras, mechanic clothing, car maintenance, casual clothing, lap timing, customization and luggage solutions.


In addition, we also provide customization when it comes to presentation and personalization for both the driver and his team. This gives the team its own look and feel and creates better recognition on the track.


You are welcome in our shop in Herentals where our specialists are ready to give you the best advice. We are available daily from Tuesday to Saturday. In addition, we can regularly be found on the various circuits. At circuit Zolder we have a permanent shop. If you want to be sure if something is in stock or if you want to pick it up right there, give us a call and you will never be wrong.

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