Sparco Doctor's shoe Pole Black

Also children's sizes 90,75

Sparco Kartshoes Pole Black very sturdy kartshoes with laces, price quality highly recommended for indooroutdoor karting and simulator racing. Combinable with kartoveralls with various colors.


Sparco Doctor's shoe Pole Black

Sparco Kartschoen Pole Black is price quality a topper! This silk printed shoe with laces can be worn during karting or simracing. Available in various colors and sizes.

For karting shoes there is no form of homologation. This means that the FIA/CIK has no direct requirements for neck protection.

If you are going to participate in karting competitions, most organizers have included the requirements for these garments in their regulations.
In general; safety comes first; be well informed before purchasing karting shoes, gloves and neck protection.

A large range of karting shoes is offered. Made from leather to suede to plastic, lined or unlined and especially in many price ranges.

Tip: pay attention to the stiffness of the sole. If you press that accelerator or brake pedal with your foot for a longer period of time, a sole that is too weak may cause a painful sole because the pedal is pressed against the ball of the foot every time.

Tip: in a kart you often see that the rider rides more on the "outside of the foot". This causes the side of the foot to press very hard against the outer front of the shoe. If the shoe is too limp, you will "hang" your foot over the edge of the sole, which can lead to painful sides of the feet. Pay close attention to the - general - firmness of the shoe.

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