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Sparco FIA glove LAND

FIA 8856-2000 78,65

Sparco FIA glove LAND base Sparco model can be used for motorsport, rallying, mechanics ... Multifunctional.

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Sparco FIA glove LAND

Sparco FIA glove LAND

  • Jersey 100% meta-aramid.
  • Palm with suede reinforments.
  • Fantastic fit, elastic wrist for optimal comfort, internal sewing.
  • This item can be personalized
  • Preformed on the fingers and palm design, which offer comfortable feeling.
  • This is a durable model that retains its fit after frequent use.

In combination with a Sparco Sprint Overall you can make a nice combination for trackdays, ...

Budget-friendly racing glove while maintaining quality, available in various colours. Normal fit.


Why is it important to wear a glove during trackdays or races?

While driving on tracks, the speed increases and often so does your heart rate and your transparency increases more than in traffic jams. Some people suffer more from sweaty hands than normal because of the tension. This can be solved by driving with a suede/leather steering wheel, but you can also buy special gloves. These are available in a normal version, often used in classic cars, and a race version. The race version has a more direct contact and is also available in a fire retardant version, which may be mandatory during racing. Make sure you can fit the gloves at your ease. They should be like 'poured', even when you ball a fist. If necessary, practice on a quiet road before you go out on the track with gloves for the first time. Your steering feel will be completely different from what you are used to for the first few minutes During tantrums, gloves can be tricky and that's why many drifters prefer to drive with bare hands, but with good suede/leather steering wheels.

Size Sparco Selection Glove

5 (Size 4XS / Hand circumference without thumb 7.5 cm-10.5 cm), 6 (Size 3XS / Hand circumference without thumb 10-14 cm), 7 (Size 2XS / Hand circumference without thumb 12.5-16.5 cm), 8 (Size XS / Hand circumference without thumb 16.5-19 cm), 9 (Size S / Hand circumference without thumb 18-21.5 cm), 10 (Size M / Hand circumference without thumb 20-24 cm), 11 (Size L / Hand circumference without thumb 23-26.5 cm), 12 (Size XL / Hand circumference without thumb 25.5-29 cm), 13 (Size XXL / Hand circumference without thumb 28-32 cm)

To determine the right size for your glove it is important to measure the dominant hand, i.e. are you right-handed than right-handed, are you left-handed than left-handed.

Measure over the widest point of your hand over the knuckles, excluding the thumb.

Hand (Inches) 3-4 1/2 4-5 1/2 5-6 1/2 6-7 1/2 7-8 1/2 8-9 1/2 9-10 1/2 10-11 1/2 11-12 1/2
Hand (cm)
7 1/2-10 1/2
12 1/2-16 1/2
16 1/2-19
18-21 1/2
23-26 1/2
25 1/2-29
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